The Way of Love


honours and acknowledges

you as you are

your unique grief experience

the sacredness of your inner experience of yourself

the deep love you hold for your loved one who had died

the burden of unrelenting pain and sadness

the agony of guilt, remorse or “unfinished business”

the courage that it takes to walk through the door towards healing and wholeness


dark night of the soul

the agony and searing pain of profound loss


that our capacity to heal is unlimited

that each one of us has access to our own inner guidance

that each of us is a being of body, soul and spirit

that we are all so loved by the Divine just as we are

that our loved ones who have died long for us to find peace and live with joy

offers you a sacred and loving space

for healing and the release of traumatic memories

for connecting with Deep Peace and Divine Love

for beginning to find ones way into the Light, towards a transformed life and a new way of being in the world                                                                            

Pure Love is matchless in majesty. It has no parallel in power, and there is no darkness it cannot dispel. It is the undying flame that has set all life aglow.

Meher Baba